Finished [adjective]

Definition of Finished:

cultivated, refined

Synonyms of Finished:

Opposite/Antonyms of Finished:

Sentence/Example of Finished:

Epic says the software draws from an “ever-growing library of variants of human appearance and motion,” to give designers a robust starting point for their finished model.

Something to keep in mind is that in some ways, distance will have a greater impact on your finished dish than heat level.

The materials are ground for six to 12 hours before pieces are individually hand-dipped in the finished liquid.

It then showed that by swapping text for pixels, the same approach could be used to train an AI to complete half-finished images.

If you hit the focus and you get the exposure pretty close, you’re going to come away with a file that will look amazing as a finished image.

I spent more than a week constructing my backyard dream bar from piles of scrap wood, and the finished product has a rustic Southwest vibe.

ProRAW, however, tries to give shooters a starting point that’s much closer to a finished image.

Harden is a finished product, and despite his robust scoring numbers, he is different from LeBron James, Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant.

The journey of your own clothes from fiber to finished product comes with environmental costs.

By analyzing the scene in front of the camera, the system can automatically identify subjects and lighting scenarios to select the best settings, and combine multiple images together to get a finished photo.