Crude [adjective]

Definition of Crude:

vulgar, unpolished in manner

Synonyms of Crude:

Opposite/Antonyms of Crude:

Sentence/Example of Crude:

Elsewhere, crude and Bitcoin continue to soar, and GameStop is up 10% in pre-market trading.

Light crude from Texas contains hydrocarbons with chains between five and 12 carbon atoms long.

Europe’s energy stocks and crude prices continues to gain, as does Bitcoin.

In 2007 Vin de Silva and Robert Ghrist showed how to use homology to detect holes in the sensors’ coverage, based on just this crude information.

While teleportation is a solution, it is a crude one, and brings players out of the experience, reminding them that they are not physically present within the game world.

Rated-T games might include some crude humor, visible blood, more literal depictions of violence, or infrequent use of strong language.

The boost in fuel prices comes after global crude futures reached the highest since February after Saudi Arabia cut output earlier this week.

While this is a crude measure of activity, it puts in perspective that the US advantage in space access—40 orbital launches took place in 2020 under US jurisdiction—is due to just one firm.

Liffland likes swapping out algal ingredients for crude-oil products in this plastic.

They’re on track to exceed a billion tonnes of crude steel production this calendar year.