Grody [adjective]

Definition of Grody:

outrageous; widely condemned

Synonyms of Grody:

Opposite/Antonyms of Grody:

Sentence/Example of Grody:

"Bring my case, which you will find under the seat in my carriage, Grody," he directed.

The remaining lads hurried out of the stable to watch Frank ride, Grody accompanying them.

Grody, who had just saddled a horse for a gentleman, met Frank, and the expression on his face was anything but reassuring.

"You must have misunderstood your visitor, Grody," said Frank.

Grody held his breath, nearly bursting with astonishment and admiration.

Till he gets here, Grody, I want you to watch Nemo like a hawk.

Then he quickly drew it out and Nemo started a bit, but was quieted by Grody.