Nefarious [adjective]

Definition of Nefarious:

bad, sinful

Synonyms of Nefarious:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nefarious:

Sentence/Example of Nefarious:

Nay, they are neither; but, nevertheless, their errand is a nefarious one.

They were probably out on the trail pursuing their nefarious calling.

Might she not be the tool, consciously or unconsciously, of a nefarious plot?

It is the duty of patriotic Swedes to thwart this nefarious project.

Let us see then if you'll dare to persist in this nefarious scheme.

It was as if the whole world were blind to the nefarious nature of that man.

To attempt to recover it by law would expose their nefarious practice.

The nefarious work of the tropics had left me lookin' different.

Who knows but what this was included in their nefarious scheme.

Not that he did not trust her, but he wished her to be no party to his nefarious work.