Degenerate [adjective]

Definition of Degenerate:

corrupt, deteriorated

Synonyms of Degenerate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Degenerate:

Sentence/Example of Degenerate:

You’d put a mask on the little degenerate to keep him from spewing it all too far.

It is hifalutin talk for an industry currently dominated by financial sharks and Bitcoin whales who frequently describe themselves as “degenerates.”

Prove that there is a set of n points in the plane such that the distance between any two points is irrational and each set of three points determines a non-degenerate triangle with rational area.

Losses can also occur after a chance gene duplication, when the superfluous copy degenerates, since selection no longer preserves it.

Over the subsequent two quarters, SERP visibility continued to degenerate with a lingering active manual penalty.

What the armor-bearer was for the warlike races of old, such is the tchbukdi for their degenerate descendants.

Avoid sarcasm; it will, unconsciously to yourself, degenerate into pertness, and often downright rudeness.

He observes, also, that these grapes degenerate in the south, but do well in the north in dry and stony soil.

We infer from his writings that his age was degenerate and corrupt, but, as we have already said, his reproofs were gentle.

The Curaoa track is hardly passable, but it must be trod to-morrow by the degenerate feet of their successor the Wallaroos.