Debauched [adjective]

Definition of Debauched:

violated, corrupted

Synonyms of Debauched:

Opposite/Antonyms of Debauched:

Sentence/Example of Debauched:

Although thoroughly debauched, Cerizet married Olympe Cardinal about 1840.

If the immigrant is neither debauched nor misled, but votes his opinions, is he then an element of strength to us?

He procured lettres de cachet from the King, and shut up his disobedient and debauched son in various state-prisons.

Arturius means any debauched wicked fellow, who gains by the times.

Cockayne is Naples in these pages—Naples given over to the lottery, crazed, debauched and beggared by it.

The quest is quickly commercialized and debauched by the public dance halls which are controlled by the liquor interests.

Assuming Bouvard to be the richer of the pair, he accuses him of having formerly debauched Mlie.

Pope has accused Suckling of being an 'immoral man, as well as debauched.'

So scandalously debauched a people as that of Venice is to be met with nowhere else.

A debauched old degenerate marrying the daughter of his mistress because her eighteen years attracts his vicious decrepitude.