Licentious [adjective]

Definition of Licentious:

immoral, uncontrolled

Opposite/Antonyms of Licentious:

Sentence/Example of Licentious:

So strong were prejudices in favour of superficial morality in even that licentious age!

Mary Manley died; an English authoress, of considerable reputation as a writer, but of a wanton and licentious character.

Religion but too often forms licentious, immoral tyrants, obeyed by slaves who are obliged to conform to their views.

He had great advantages, but was banished by Augustus for his description of licentious love.

This severity was more than the licentious capital would endure.

You will read Boccaccio, whose tales are intaglios carved with exquisitely licentious and Lilliputian scenes.

The government of the vessel was not less severe than its aspect was licentious.

But the barbarities of a licentious army were exceeded in atrocity by the cooler deliberations of the Norman parliament.

Did the stage ever recover Greece or Rome from their licentious and barbarous rites and ceremonies?

For this reason the licentious in American literature is and must be cold, artificial, and repugnant.