Libertine [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Libertine:

The young scholar always allows himself a number of libertine sonnets, and we avow it is particularly disagreeable to us.

I doubt it, sire, and I advise you to send away this libertine St. Luc, who is resolved not to amend.

He knew absolutely nothing about her except the story she told of childish innocence and the whims of a selfish libertine.

Thus, under a libertine prince, the destinies of France were at the mercy of a valet de chambre.

A man whos got a code of morals is moral, whether hes a libertine, a horse thief or—a minister.

And now the foolish young libertine gave the crowning proof of his folly.

The so-called libertine, cauterized by Paris against Paris, was upset by an event which could have been easily foreseen.

I assure you I am regarded as a libertine in the place—a professional breaker of hearts, a Don Juan bragging of my conquests!

I ventured to reason like a libertine, that I might be confirmed in virtuous principles by so illustrious a preceptour.

In a French roman, Bittredge would of course have been a libertine, and one of the girls ruined by him.