Controlled [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Controlled:

He controlled himself betimes, bethinking him that, after all, there might be some reason in what this fat fellow said.

The exchanges had closed in previous years, but never for the reasons which now controlled them.

The new forces controlled by mankind have been powerless as yet to remove want and destitution, hard work and social discontent.

The combination of the safe set apart for the use of the board will be controlled by two persons designated by the board.

With a tremendous effort, he controlled himself and smothered the rising fires that struggled towards speech and action.

Behind those eyes lay a brain of extraordinary activity, which was controlled by a boundless ambition.

He held the pin delicately between finger and thumb, and controlled her with his roguish eyes.

They would raise the mass of the people to the enjoyment of liberty, but to liberty controlled by vigorous law.

She controlled her voice into a tone of gentle sadness; she set a mask of sorrow upon her insolent face.

Each district is controlled by a District Council composed of the governor, the secretary, and the treasurer.