Inhibited [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Inhibited:

For fear he should be too quickly found out, he positively inhibited Charles from communicating it to his ministers.

For externally his appearance would have been a shock, would have inhibited the pleasant intimacy at which they so soon arrived.

It may happen that in the case of feelings originally sexual their further development is inhibited.

The scandalmonger, inhibited from doing the forbidden thing, enjoys himself by a vicarious indulgence in rottenness.

If inhibited in the exercise of one mechanism of escape, the repressed wish will substitute another.

The free mind is the functioning mind, the mind which is not inhibited in its work by any conflict within itself.

In the same way each time that anger is conquered and inhibited, the easier will it be to restrain it the next time.

They were merely inhibited from any activity in connexion with another, however beautiful and desirable.

You could think of it as a current of transcendent power, hitherto mysteriously inhibited.

Many whisper that of old his part was in the pot, and that the suspicion thereof caused him to be inhibited the Queen's company.