Passionless [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Passionless:

The Princess could not see their dull, passionless faces, and she was glad of it.

It was the cold, passionless voice of Ankarstrom that spoke.

In its passionless persistence there was something resembling sympathy.

"It is your shot, sir," he said, in a voice as passionless as when I first heard it years before.

"You will find that you cannot," the passionless creature returned, monotonously.

He studied her body again, that passionless, preoccupied frown on his face.

"I am certain," answered Jasper, in his even, passionless tone.

How has this girl of eighteen achieved this passionless grace?

"Precisely," rejoined the Prophet, with passionless equanimity.

Passionless and smiling, it was impossible to imagine they could ever have a difference.