Forbidding [adjective]

Definition of Forbidding:

ominous, daunting

Synonyms of Forbidding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Forbidding:

Sentence/Example of Forbidding:

Some peculiar lines between these contracted brows gave a character of ferocity to this forbidding and sensual face.

She fixed her imploring eyes on the Virgin's face and on the saints; but all seemed to her to wear a forbidding look.

But at Orleans he received an angry message from Bonaparte forbidding him to return to Paris.

In the commands forbidding Israel to enter into covenant with the Canaanites, or their gods, the phrase is used.

On July 19 a proclamation was issued forbidding the possession of firearms without licence.

Goody Wallis has asked me to write to her, and I shall certainly do so at once, distinctly forbidding it.

She had never heard of the King's regulations, forbidding the use of spindles.

The gray pile looms above me, cold and forbidding, and on its crest stands the black figure leering at me in triumph.

Both these books were written to present that side of life in Canada which is not wintry and forbidding.

There was nothing mysterious or forbidding about the plain brown stone house before which they had stopped.