Sinister [adjective]

Definition of Sinister:

nasty, menacing

Opposite/Antonyms of Sinister:

Sentence/Example of Sinister:

We do it in a sinister sense more often than by way of helpfulness.

The sinister association of ideas made Mary shudder, but she said no more.

The voice of the older man came with a sinister force and saturnine.

Dick, too, winced under the pain of this meeting with his father in a situation so sinister.

There was a sinister thread in that flowing note, and suddenly Dick remembered.

It was not loud, and yet that light, snarling, sinister note was evident.

Then he saw the owner of the sinister voice, and he felt that he might have known from the first.

Closely, but with no sinister motive, no trace of ill-feeling, she listened to all which they said.

But beneath, it all seemed so mysterious, fantastic, sinister.

He wondered whether she knew its meaning, with what sinister intention it had been made.