Apocalyptic [adjective]

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Amid the clamor of apocalyptic coverage, few are talking about what it would take to thrive in, instead of fear, a climate-changed future.

That isn’t necessarily all that surprising when you consider we’ve spent the last 30 years building up an increasingly apocalyptic view of our political opponents and their intentions.

It was poetry and the drama, and processions and apocalyptic visions.

She flashed before him, an Apocalyptic angel, splended and terrible, trumpet-calling him to the last great fight.

Similarly, the apocalyptic myth of world-destruction has passed beyond the stage of the myth proper.

In Jewish literature, one of the earliest examples of such apocalyptic accounts of the beyond is to be found in the Book of Enoch.

The apocalyptic hope is the end of Old Testament prophecy, but not its height.

This is the crowning promise of the Apocalyptic vision, "They shall see His face."

Vials of woe were emptied, unsurpassed in apocalyptic vision.

The same hymn had been heard in the apocalyptic mysteries of the Book of Revelation.