Predictive [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Predictive:

Shall is simply predictive; will is predictive and promissive as well.

No doubt their predictive knowledge is general, it is of the issue to which things tend.

Besides her faith in her predictive dreams was by no means fixed.

The second and third persons are expressed by the predictive verb shall.

They do most of the prep in the vans and use a lot of predictive math in their routing.

Those who believe in the predictive power of dreams regard them as messages from God or as products of telepathy.

His sovereign and predictive conscience recognises them as her ministers.

The predictive function of the prophet is not, then, the only, nor the prominent feature of his work.

The essential difference was that science was predictive and magic was effective—though the end results were often the same.

First, because of the rediscovery of the idea of mechanism, without which predictive science had been virtually impossible.