Foreboding [noun]

Definition of Foreboding:

misgiving, bad omen

Opposite/Antonyms of Foreboding:

Sentence/Example of Foreboding:

I ordered two of these soft Vera Bradley cotton masks solely as mood boosters to combat the bleakness of late-fall weather and the foreboding winter that’s forecast, but they’ve quickly proved ideal for my runs.

Samson paints a dark and foreboding future of social unrest, unemployment and widespread criminality in Kitwe if there isn’t a new allocation.

Season six is big on the sense of foreboding doom, and it doesn’t always do it well — but here it’s still fresh enough to be unsettling and effective.

He remembered standing once before on this very spot, that foreboding of coming loneliness so strangely in his heart.

She waited for no further formalities, but shaken with the sure foreboding of calamity, turned and fled the room.

A horrible foreboding gripped me, and I quickly knelt down and raised the dog's head.

Raoul, with pessimistic foreboding, was convinced that there were only girls next door.

The air seemed full of foreboding; everything seemed to tell him of calamity.

In spite of the sunshine and balm of the bright weather, a sense of heaviness and foreboding oppressed her.

The friends sat like sacrifices by the fire, and chewed their cigars in silence, with foreboding hearts.