Premonition [noun]

Definition of Premonition:

feeling that an event is about to occur

Synonyms of Premonition:

Opposite/Antonyms of Premonition:

Sentence/Example of Premonition:

There was a premonition of his return at the Snow breakfast table.

His premonition that they might be "Rubes" seemed likely to have been well founded.

That you had a premonition that he might come to you for assistance.

I cried, leaping to my feet, a premonition of what he was about turning me cold with horror.

She flung away from Andre-Louis, as if moved by some premonition of what was coming.

And Pilot O'Malley watched him go with a premonition that he dared not speak.

No one had any theory, any explanation; there had been no warning, no premonition.

I tell you this because I have a premonition that we are to meet again.

He seemed to have had a premonition some days before that death might soon claim him.

But he could not shake off that premonition of evil unrelated to the mere danger of the situation.