Intuition [noun]

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If you’re proving something that relies on some sort of geometric intuition or visualization, I never felt sure that I had it 100% correct.

“Neural networks are able to develop an artificial style of intuition,” Szegedy said.

Conjectures arise from inductive reasoning — a kind of intuition about an interesting problem — and proofs generally follow deductive, step-by-step logic.

Sometimes, though, when we do our first real model run, the results come close to my intuition anyway.

This corresponds to our own intuitions and experiences, because we humans are almost always responding to what we sense and remember.

But Ramona saw now, with infallible intuition, that even as she had loved Alessandro, so Felipe loved her.

In that poignant moment of self-revelation Tom's cumbersome machinery of intuition did not fail him.

Oh, yes, you needn't tell me again that it's difficult to distinguish between fancy and intuition.

He fathomed every complication of heart and mind in the modern woman by an intuition of the laws which control her development.

She got the tales by intuition rather than by words, though she was picking up some French at that.