Logic [noun]

Definition of Logic:

science of reasoning

Opposite/Antonyms of Logic:

Sentence/Example of Logic:

For retail investors, the logic behind buying shares solely based on the announcement of a stock split rests on a shaky foundation.

SAT solving involves taking problems, turning them into computer-friendly statements that use propositional logic, and using computers to determine whether there’s a way to make those statements true.

They’ve developed a system of proteins that can carry out logic operations just like a computer, which helps them target specific combinations of antigens that are unique to certain cancers.

However, behind the smartest social media algorithms are solid logic and good intentions.

To turn the search for cliques into a problem that computers can grapple with, you need a representation of the problem that uses propositional logic.

Under their logic, no country can afford to let competitors pull ahead.

During dire economic times, lipstick sales spike—or so goes the logic of the “lipstick index,” a shorthand to gauge consumer spending.

Cultural and societal change can be glacial, and efforts to impose it top-down through reason and logic are rarely successful.

By now, many have refactored their business logic by cutting expenses as much as practical, offering contactless delivery options or curbside pickup, etc.

You can make a good decision based on all the available logic and information, but you don’t know what the outcome will be.