Induction [noun]

Definition of Induction:

taking in, initiation

Synonyms of Induction:

Opposite/Antonyms of Induction:

Sentence/Example of Induction:

At a low cost, this item is compatible with induction stoves and other conventional ranges including gas and electric.

The triple-ply, stainless steel design has an induction ready exterior while the aluminum core provides optimal, evenly distributed heat to your batter.

It is made from die-cast aluminum with a magnetized induction bottom so you can use it over any cooking surface for evenly distributed heat.

The link can be charged wirelessly via an induction coil, and Musk suggested that people in the future would plug in before they go to sleep to power up their implants.

In reality, though, Williams fell quite a bit short of induction.

It is an induction from one of the phenomena of animated Nature,--the nutrition and production of a seed.

In establishing the minor points Burke has used arguments from sign, cause, example, and induction.

“All the other States are smaller than Texas” is a perfect induction, but it forms no basis for argument.

I have said that in this case the verification fulfils the conditions of an induction: but an induction of what sort?

An alleged fact, according to this theory, is not to be believed if it contradict a complete induction.