Consecration [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Consecration:

In regard to her children, Mrs. Worthington had passed through a deep consecration.

Anselm, on his part, agreed that no prelate should be refused consecration who was nominated by the King.

But it was an institution too enlightened for its age; and family and civic ties were destined for a far nobler consecration.

The two candidates for royalty knelt upon cushions and received from His Holiness the oils and imperial consecration.

Now this perfection is described through out the Epistle as a priestly consecration.

The critical or self-regarding spirit has its uses, but it may be fatal to 'personal consecration' in public worship.

Let her transfigure the hour of disaster into the hour of deeper consecration.

He who can open any object to its source is touched therein by the finger of God, and insight is inevitable consecration.

Faithlessness towards herself had been passed over unrecognized, faithlessness towards his self-consecration was quite otherwise.

She longs to bring Adèle with herself, by special consecration, under the guardianship of the Holy Virgin.