Glorification [noun]

Definition of Glorification:

act of glorifying

Synonyms of Glorification:

Opposite/Antonyms of Glorification:

Sentence/Example of Glorification:

Her style was a great contrast to the earlier hero-worshiping and glorification of ante-bellum days in Virginia.

This is why I think that the sooner people free themselves from the false glorification of Shakespeare, the better it will be.

Every accomplishment meant strenuous study, yet he is dear to us for his glorification of revolutionary history.

His stage pieces in glorification of the Restoration only achieved a succès d'estime.

Unlike Heine, this poet devoted his muse to the German romantic poets glorification of German patriotism.

But when, as in Mohammeds case, that purpose is the glorification of God, he has at hand a lever that can move the world.

The good of humanity is a higher cause to work for than the mere glorification of creed and sect.

They did more for the glorification of his policy than the speeches of his most eloquent ministers.

Were I disposed to attempt self-glorification, it would be under a very different sort of character.

What we have said about the rehabilitation trial sufficiently explains this curious glorification of the Maid.