Apotheosis [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Apotheosis:

Cringe reaches its apotheosis in a particular genre of bizarre video that mashes up politicians with action heroes.

To gaze upon the Harden-era Rockets’ shot chart was to see the apotheosis of analytics-based offensive strategy.

It may be looked upon as the apotheosis of the old style of organ-building, with low pressures, duplication, and mixtures.

In the maidenly beauty of her eighteenth spring, the young girl's glance wanders dreamily over the apotheosis of the setting sun.

So strict are we in etiquette; etiquette indeed being now upon its apotheosis, and after such efforts.

The chief feature in the celebration of the triumph was the apotheosis of the heroes who had fallen during the struggle.

The apotheosis of the old imperial times was made manifest amid fairy-like glamour.

He would have covered an acre of ceiling with an acre of apotheosis.

Mopsus laments his death; Menalcas proclaims his divinity; the whole eclogue consisting of an elegy and an apotheosis.

Powers that be, at whose shrine shall the persecuted man make the act of apotheosis?