Deification [noun]

Definition of Deification:

high opinion of something

Synonyms of Deification:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deification:

Sentence/Example of Deification:

Every passion and nearly every vice was the object of a monstrous deification.

Gratitude and admiration tended to the deification of departed heroes and other eminent persons.

Into practical pantheism, and into the deification of human reason it does run.

As it was, the deification of the ruler had to provide the nexus, as in Alexanders empire.

The Syncism of gods or the deification of rulers, those are the only ways of amalgamating peoples.

Sanctification here becomes deification for every participant in the sacrifice.

In order to test the extent of his "deification," Alamgir sent him a piece of a cow's tail wrapped in rich stuffs and coverings.

He finds traces of this animism in the worship of the dead, the deification of the kings, and the adoration of animals.

The philosopher of the Superman adroitly filled the vacancy by the deification of Man.

The deification of heroes changed into the canonization of saints.