Obsequiousness [noun]

Definition of Obsequiousness:

high opinion of something

Synonyms of Obsequiousness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Obsequiousness:

Sentence/Example of Obsequiousness:

Voltaire is a monkey in mischief, and a spaniel in obsequiousness.

If so, it would account for the obsequiousness of his host, though not satisfactorily.

They saluted us with an obsequiousness most unusual in free Switzerland.

Harland was annoyed at this obsequiousness which he had never received.

All the women, with various degrees of obsequiousness, begged her to do it.

He presented it to his employer with a certain duplication of a butler's obsequiousness.

She was fairly desperate; all her obsequiousness had disappeared.

But, for all his obsequiousness, the admirable Harrow was a persistent diplomat.

All sweetness and obsequiousness will I be on this occasion.

Thus Gaston met with obsequiousness wherever he went, and this despite the fact that he was not lavish with money.