Piety [noun]

Definition of Piety:

devotion, religiousness; devoutness; reverence for God

Synonyms of Piety:

Opposite/Antonyms of Piety:

Sentence/Example of Piety:

The Phoenicians who were not interested in piety succeeded where the others had failed.

After all their piety was aimless and of no utility to humanity.

Devote, then, ye mothers of Israel, devote your babes to piety and God!

All their abilities should scent of piety and the fear of God.

If we imitate Lydia in diligence, let us not forget to imitate her in piety.

The rest of his life was occupied in study, in self-improvement, in piety, and in good deeds.

I have heard of him,' said I. 'A man, I believe, both of parts and of piety.'

She was ready to charge the immortals with conspiring against her, had not her piety forbad it.

On the 14th she died, with much courage, consciousness, and piety.

Ye will not dare to thank Him when I have done, Mr. Wilder, for all your piety.