Allegiance [noun]

Definition of Allegiance:


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Sentence/Example of Allegiance:

They were meant, she says, to be “a public display of your allegiance.”

Weaned on the good stuff, they’re adventurous in their tastes and fickle in their allegiance.

When Rory spills out of Logan’s limo o’ dudes, champagne drunk and dripping with diamonds, she’s officially transferred her allegiances over to the elder Gilmore world, and Lorelai knows it.

More than half the athletes racing were in Nike spikes—their allegiance visible from the stands thanks to the neon yellow of their shoes.

The law has scrambled typical political allegiances, with law enforcement groups and some Democrats on one side, and Republicans and a handful of Democrats on the other.

The rebel Planner had fallen from his allegiance, and was making his terms with the enemy.

Yet it seems all but certain that he was in Edward's allegiance within three weeks before the battle.

A citizen of the United States who resides in a state owes a double allegiance, and can demand protection from each government.

Citizen-ship implies the duty of allegiance to the government, and the right of protection from it.

Instinct had prompted her to put away her husband's bounty in casting off her allegiance.