Treason [noun]

Definition of Treason:


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Sentence/Example of Treason:

Go—leave me, minister of death, commencement of sin, and child of treason!

The thought staggered him, and he felt as if he had filled his mind with treason and sedition!

If his talk stinks not of treason in every line, why then I have no smelling sense.

The organs of treason and of infamy refer always to McClellan.

He thought she went to find a confidant outside, that she was preparing her treason.

We have treated of sacrilege, and of conspiracy, and of treason.

Our third law will be a general one, concerning the procedure and the judges in cases of treason.

I want you to be happy, yet I feel as if it would be treason for you to be happy without me.

The paper was a warrant for his own arrest on a charge of treason.

It was hard, but it was right, that he should be punished for his treason.