Uprightness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Uprightness:

There is a truthfulness in action as well as in words, which is essential to uprightness of character.

That he did this shows the great trust which he placed in their uprightness.

I knew him; he was not a genius, but he had at least a great deal of uprightness and energy.

Cornwood was smart, if he was nothing else in the way of honesty and uprightness.

You could see that he spoke with earnestness and from the uprightness of his soul.

I saw it in her posture, in the pallor of her cheeks and the uprightness of her carriage.

It is enough that I am conscious of my own uprightness and that I say, Find the child!

She has to see that he walks in paths of truth and uprightness.

The subtlety of his wit does not affect the uprightness of his character.

If they are convinced of my uprightness, let them defend me.