Integrity [noun]

Definition of Integrity:

honor, uprightness

Synonyms of Integrity:

Opposite/Antonyms of Integrity:

Sentence/Example of Integrity:

The move was intended to give researchers time to examine safety data while maintaining the integrity of the trials, the company said.

The Hatch Act and other rules like it aren’t just about obscure regulations or Washington norms — they safeguard the values of election integrity and good governance.

Gambling certainly does have the possibility to undermine the integrity of sports.

We believe that many of the lawsuits they have initiated would destroy the integrity of our elections, so we’re fighting back.

Fidelity meaning that the scaled-up program reflects the integrity of the original program.

One idea that’s been pitched is a so-called “integrity fee” — an incentive to keep the matches clean.

The care with which the manatee’s tissues and information were catalogued underscore that quality, validity and accessibility insure the collection’s scientific integrity and usefulness.

Thus will my beloved country be governed, without detriment to the integrity of Spain.

He possessed a mind of great vigor and enterprise, and was characterized by integrity and amiableness.

Still, Napoleon knew his devotion, his blind obedience to orders, and his absolute integrity.