Incompleteness [noun]

Definition of Incompleteness:

shortage, defect, inability

Opposite/Antonyms of Incompleteness:

Sentence/Example of Incompleteness:

If you have incomplete or inaccurate data from any of these different campaigns, and we get a lot of that, that’s the first problem you need to solve.

Still, the numbers are a sign — though an incomplete one — that voter turnout may be on pace to be the highest in a century.

However, even those that are claimed in many cases are still incomplete.

Data on felony convictions is scattered across the state’s 67 county clerk’s offices, and much of that information is incomplete or outdated.

Pelletier repeatedly provided inaccurate or incomplete information to the commissioners, according to a review by The Maine Monitor and ProPublica.

By definition, any results these states release on election night will be incomplete because at least some ballots — and probably quite a few — will still be in transit.

It is almost certainly not a complete accounting because some records are incomplete or inaccessible.

Instead of paying for the incomplete report, we reached out to the 21 county prosecutor’s offices, which filed the charges.

An attempt was made to join on another version, without observing the incompleteness of the sentence.

The Author writes the last line of this book with a sigh at the incompleteness of his work.