Drawback [noun]

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Other tech visionaries are toying with ways to revitalize publishing on the open web as a means for content creators to retain independence and control and users to escape the drawbacks of today's giant platforms.

The app’s major drawback is that you have to pay for it, but this allows its developers to sustain the platform without ads or data-harvesting.

One of the drawbacks of these models is that performance can falter a bit as the bag gets fuller.

Though social media has its drawbacks, it enables these products and concepts to reach a wider audience.

The problem, he says, is that forecasting comes in two main categories, and both suffer from substantial drawbacks.

It’s a smart policy because ProRAW does have some real drawbacks.

In our new series, Rethinking San Diego, MacKenzie Elmer explores the benefits and drawbacks of a publicly owned power company.

While not without its drawbacks, the '040 processor was an obvious candidate for Apple's next line of premium workstations at time.

The various methods have benefits and drawbacks, and it’s only natural that each team believes they’re backing the winning horse.

We’re trying to champion ideas and formats that really use the fact that we’re shooting remotely as an asset as opposed to a drawback.