Detriment [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Detriment:

Gaines and Hein believe they can differentiate the media offering by working with clients to simplify the approach as they believe media planning and buying has become more and more fragmented and disjointed to its detriment.

I’m not convinced that loosening the rules in this way would turn the Games into an ideology-riddled spectacle to the detriment of the athletes.

She met her challenge but it was to the detriment of completely missing the experience of Antarctica.

Of course, that may happen anyway if TV networks do not have enough inventory to offer advertisers, and that shift doesn’t have to be to the TV networks’ detriment if they can offer up their streaming inventory.

Supervisor Dianne Jacob asked whether fires north of the region were over-taxing the force to the detriment of Southern California.

Boeing learned that to its detriment last year after its Starliner spacecraft failed to reach the International Space Station during an uncrewed test mission.

Thus will my beloved country be governed, without detriment to the integrity of Spain.

THE angel explains to Mary how, without detriment to her virginity, she will become a mother.

Securing these, Asia may send over her millions of idol-worshippers without detriment to ourselves.

He draws to himself rather more than his share of interest and sympathy, to the detriment of the protagonist.