Impairment [noun]

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Families shoulder these responsibilities because about 70 percent of assisted living residents have some form of cognitive impairment, including dementia.

For web users with visual impairment using screen readers, descriptive alt text is read aloud.

Many nursing home residents have some degree of mental impairment — nearly half of long-term care patients suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s.

This makes your content accessible for people with visual impairments and makes sure Google correctly interprets what those visual elements are.

We did all sorts of metabolic studies to try to find out if there was an impairment we could detect.

It was an acid test of his sanity and he knew as he worked that his reasoning faculties at least had suffered no impairment.

From these details it is evident that epilepsy is not of necessity associated with impairment of the physical or mental health.

That is to say, if he feels himself compelled to the commission of crime, there is surely an impairment of responsibility.

A bad rippling, any serious accidental or temporary impairment of the faculties, meant swift death.

There are certain deductions, a certain percentage of impairment to be allowed for, but the general statement holds.