Deterioration [noun]

Definition of Deterioration:

decay, degeneration

Opposite/Antonyms of Deterioration:

Sentence/Example of Deterioration:

In Four Threats we look at five earlier periods in American history when people were nervous — they felt that democracy as they knew it at that time was going to be subject to backsliding or deterioration rather than remaining stable.

If he rediscovers any version of that form, it would help the Patriots offense strike fear into opposing defenses again … and help make up for whatever deterioration is in store on defense.

Many criminologists also cite the general deterioration of trust between the community and police, which leaves residents less likely to report crimes, call in tips or testify in court.

Tuatara have many genes involved in producing selenoproteins, which help protect against aging and cellular deterioration, and have more of these genes than humans do.

It means that even the aged brain is still remarkably flexible and its deterioration isn’t set in stone.

An unaccountable increase in piety is sometimes the first warning of approaching mental deterioration.

This is especially true as regards prognosis and the question of mental deterioration in any given case.

The second conclusion is that thrift under certain conditions is a vice that causes distinct deterioration of character.

With the painful exception of a deterioration in the condition of the poor, these changes were for the better.

Among other things, the general deterioration in my appearance had forced me to tell Kitty Windus that I was out of work.