Disintegration [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Disintegration:

The vaccines use a synthesized scrap of genetic information wrapped in a protective fat layer to prevent disintegration.

It is age—you are growing old—but you sense that the disintegration runs deeper.

Expecting that disintegration process to be gentle would be ignoring history.

Granular and fatty casts, therefore, always indicate partial or complete disintegration of the renal epithelium.

It is obvious that soils produced by the disintegration of these minerals must differ materially in quality.

The disintegration of the deeper lumps, and the decomposition of fertilizers, will cause the surface to grow gradually softer.

Amid the disintegration of society it was the sole conservative element—the salt which preserved it from corruption.

Disintegration of what little administrative organization there still was, seemed imminent.

Certain clairvoyants present said they could witness the 'disintegration' of the ring.

This is what is called plasticity, the power of changing shape without disintegration.