Demoralization [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Demoralization:

Provost General Macy, of Massachusetts, established a guard to prevent depredations and to save the army from demoralization.

From which it may be inferred,” remarked Isagani with a bitter smile, “that the government wishes our demoralization.

They were more like militia than regular forces; they fostered military virtues, without the demoralization of standing armies.

Idle hours work demoralization and the ever-present example of the village loafer is not good.

The march of fifteen miles to Imbike showed a great demoralization in his men, many of them not coming up till nightfall.

Entire demoralization in freight rates throughout the southern states occurred in 1894.

His nervousness was sufficient indication of the general demoralization of the household.

It was almost ludicrous to behold the utter demoralization into which Luckstone's clients were thrown.

The thought and action, long persisted in, will lead to a demoralization of the entire character of the individual.

In others there have been unmistakable signs of demoralization.