Intimidation [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Intimidation:

Efforts to delegitimize voting by mail, threats to intimidate voters at polling places, and other insidious forms of voter suppression have all challenged the integrity of the electoral process.

That perception itself could be enough to intimidate voters and lower turnout for groups who believe they’d be targeted.

The social network said it plans to clamp down further on posts aimed at intimidating voters.

Four former eBay employees will admit to conspiracy to commit cyberstalking in an elaborate scheme to intimidate a blogger critical of the company.

You may have heard they can’t be cleaned with soap—but don’t be intimidated.

He repudiated his oath at Carlisle as extorted by force and intimidation, and professed a compelling sense of patriotism.

She had a faint hope that the room might intimidate this Western girl, but instead of intimidation there was exultation.

It was then contrary to my orders,” Captain Dronestein declared, “and in any case it was not intended for intimidation.

Crook, who believed in intimidation, advised them to yell and cheer as much as possible.

In the Philadelphia tailors' case, the journeymen were convicted on the charge of intimidation.