Demoralizing [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Demoralizing:

This is the only book that I know which goes deeply into the corrupting, demoralizing psychology of prison life.

There was a scarcity of food and clothing for the Confederates; the cold climate was most uncomfortable and demoralizing for them.

The evil of this spirit knew no bounds, and the demoralizing effect it produced was especially apparent at election times.

The Church shortly discovered an entirely unlooked-for evil, insidious, demoralizing—the political corruption of voters.

The statement that the public schools are demoralizing must be true, if true at all, for one of three reasons.

They recalled the scenes of those terrible demoralizing days,—how McClellan kept out of harm's way.

I can't spend it out here; can't even tip the servants at the hotel without everlastingly demoralizing them.

But at all events there was nothing which the veriest Cato could denounce as demoralizing.

The non-observance of either of these two points produces a demoralizing effect.

Perhaps it has a basis in6 physical weakness,—perhaps simply inaction: inaction which is so demoralizing.