Upsetting [adjective]

Definition of Upsetting:


Opposite/Antonyms of Upsetting:

Sentence/Example of Upsetting:

This upsetting of her plans and hopes worried Thankful not a little.

They keep 'phoning and telegraphing and upsetting things generally.

This pressure of interrogation was upsetting the restraint he was putting on himself.

You understand that nothing is more disturbing than the upsetting of a preconceived idea.

What I feared was a shrill note escaping me involuntarily and upsetting my balance.

Our sleigh tumbled on one side or the other, upsetting before we could say "Boo!"

He flew towards her, upsetting the lemonade in his excitement.

The hogs left the gate and ran to meet him, upsetting the trough as they came.

None had the effect of upsetting the theological equilibrium of Jewry.

I think miss was mortally offended with me for upsetting the program.