Irksome [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Irksome:

They had no power of attention even to a story, and the stillness was irksome to such wild colts.

They are as impertinent as those people who stop you only to bore you; but the former are perhaps less irksome.

There is a boundary even to human patience; and now, after many days, Max Bray began to find his position very irksome.

Their harness is not apparently irksome to them, and is not so heavy as one sees on the Portuguese oxen, for instance.

It then grew very irksome to him to bear his irons, and he rarely went out to walk.

If you have a passion—a mania, I call it—for travelling, if repose is so irksome to you, why don't you travel?

It was delightful at first to be secret, a whispering, warm conspiracy; then presently it became irksome and a little shameful.

The arrangement was just not too irksome to continue for two years.

Several months of irksome quiet to Mrs. St. John succeeded the festivities that followed upon her marriage.

After campaigning, the routine of a standing camp seems dull and irksome.