Helpful [adjective]

Definition of Helpful:

beneficial, beneficent

Opposite/Antonyms of Helpful:

Sentence/Example of Helpful:

Yet, if you want to maximize your reach, it’s helpful to use in-app advertising.

Other times, Narayan points out, storm surges can be surprisingly helpful, depositing sediment that helps wetlands extend out into the ocean.

Strengthening your core and back muscles, then, can be incredibly helpful in treating and preventing back pain.

Over my career and life, I’ve read and listened to many different helpful books and podcasts, I couldn’t name just one.

Businesses raced to introduce benefits that their employees could take advantage of—and that would be most helpful— during the global crisis.

“I would try to group these things and structure them in a meaningful way,” he said, noting that if a user has a question, they are likely to have follow-up questions and consolidating this information may make your pages more helpful.

When you start to sign people in, and you have a first-party database relationship with them as well as moving people through the funnel of subscription revenue, that’s helpful for your advertising outlook.

This is helpful if a web-connected microwave uses multiple voice assistants that each require their own wake word to activate them.

She talks to everyone in the field and has a sort of methodical way of explaining the issues that I found really helpful.

The testing sites I found near the trail would have taken 7 to 10 days to yield results, which wouldn't have been very helpful.