Usable [adjective]

Definition of Usable:

available, working

Opposite/Antonyms of Usable:

Sentence/Example of Usable:

They would not travel in usable paths, so they were never developed.

The result was that when the saddle of mutton was served, she had no usable knife.

No education is usable which has frills, Mr. Breeze insists.

His copy was certainly inaccurate in places, but it was usable.

If the edge is only slightly uneven it can be bent so that it is usable.

The fingers of Phineas's only usable hand were clenched instantly.

This is clear, but it is not so usable for beginners as Simson's definition.

This has been taken by some writers as the definition of a plane, but it is too abstract to be usable.

Some of the walls may be usable in rebuilding, and they want me to be one of the arbitrators.

It should be recognized that costs can be only approximate and are usable as guides only.