Running [adjective]

Definition of Running:

continuous, flowing, operating

Synonyms of Running:

Opposite/Antonyms of Running:

Sentence/Example of Running:

Many words of the talkative German were running in his mind from the night before.

I trust he is not running after the new doctrine of the hawkers and pedlars.

Running at a low level, the waters of that stream were deplorably dirty.

He had himself been obliged to bail out three times, running in from the reef.

There were attendants, running Turks, and guards before to clear the way.

But as for running him into the ground, they had lost their appetite for such fighting.

Running the car into the shadow of a ruined house, I try to sleep.

She stopped the running and meditated with a steady, hard deliberation.

Running to the door she threw it open and listened intently.

"Ask Allister what fighting had to do with the running of things," said Andrew calmly.