Fluent [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Fluent:

Ever since, she’s made sure to vote, even though the native Khmer speaker isn’t fluent in English.

Best of all, in my quest to get more fluent, I’m making lots of interesting new friends to share with all of you.

Covid-19 has also taught us that becoming fluent in and open to new technology to collaborate and run the business is more important than ever.

He was fluent in the language of the merchant, and many of his interlocutors were craftsmen and small business owners.

Thanks to BLANC, Primer was able to train a summarization tool that can generate pretty fluent summaries.

Cui spoke of it as a beautiful, talented, fluent work, which showed originality and invention.

Although not a fluent reader, the New Testament became his constant companion, and a change passed over him apparent to all.

He gradually became more fluent, and studied how best to impress his comrades.

Practice makes perfect, for I spoke to them more or less in fluent French!

Francesca is fluent at all times, but once seated on the foot of my bed she becomes eloquent!