Prompt [adjective]

Definition of Prompt:

early, responsive

Synonyms of Prompt:

Opposite/Antonyms of Prompt:

Sentence/Example of Prompt:

"I'd say that I was lucky to have half of the half that's left," was Emma's prompt retort.

"It wasn't safe to bring them in the front way," was the Inspector's prompt reply.

But she was as tender as ever, unfailingly patient, prompt to come to him and slow to leave.

Now every man to his station; be prompt, and be silent, and attend to the word of command.

I could not prompt him to go on, but he presently did so himself, desolately enough.

"Not if they wait till I pass 'em," answered Tip in his prompt, saucy way.

Ellis was a bold, prompt boy: when he had anything to say, he said it; so he came to the point at once.

"And you have won the battle," said Vargrave, with prompt gallantry.

Josie, of course, was prompt to oust Angie Tuthill from her place in the choir.

I was much tickled by the prompt obedience of the little Bears.