Swift [adjective]

Definition of Swift:

very fast

Opposite/Antonyms of Swift:

Sentence/Example of Swift:

One swift glance had shown him there was no way of instant retreat.

Then there was a current of curses, a swift hissing of invective.

By the way, what inducements could a swift writer as he have to learn short-hand!

This feeling was intensified by the belief that Swift, as a clergyman, was insincere.

Again, Aggie studied him with a swift glance of interrogation.

But it was Mary who, with a swift movement, caught and held it.

He was interrupted by the swift swinging open of the hallway door.

She cast a swift glance at the boy, like a young man, by her side.

“Be exact in what you say,” Ossipon lectured in the swift motion of the hansom.

In any case, he had not foreseen the swift bringing home of his connection.