Fleet [adjective]

Definition of Fleet:

quick in movement

Synonyms of Fleet:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fleet:

Sentence/Example of Fleet:

At first, its strategy of selling carmakers the technology to build their own self-driving fleets looked promising.

American says that on all planes in its fleet, air is either replaced with outside air, or scrubbed using hospital-grade HEPA filtration, every two-to-four minutes.

American Airlines will swiftly begin electrostatically spraying the product across its fleet, including, eventually its regional aircraft, though it is limited to applying the disinfectant in the state of Texas under the current EPA authorization.

Instead, they taught a fleet of computers to do it for them.

By 3rd century BC, Ostia was transformed into a naval base, so much so that it became the seat of one of the officially appointed commanders of the Roman fleet, who was known as the quaestor Ostiensis.

The commander of this fleet was an Englishman, according to the agreement between them.

The Dutch fleet attacked Burnt island, in Scotland, but were repulsed.

The fleet of the enemy left the place where they last halted, and came in sight day before yesterday in the morning.

Don't you mind, Ike, it come the same day and on the wery same stage as the news of the sinkin' of the Spaynish fleet?

That argument was not the one of least weight in the council in determining that our fleet should not sail against the enemy.