Meteoric [adjective]

Definition of Meteoric:

brief, sudden

Synonyms of Meteoric:

Opposite/Antonyms of Meteoric:


Sentence/Example of Meteoric:

And sometimes there would be like accompaniments to meteoric streams.

There is a continuous advance in the date of this meteoric shower.

The end of Ivan's brief and brilliant career was like its beginning: meteoric.

"Probably a meteoric object" (Dr. Groneman, Nature, 27-296).

Aphrodite also was looked upon as a meteoric stone that fell from the moon.

Nothing so meteoric had ever been done in American diplomacy.

The ground was covered with some meteoric rock full of iron.

His promotion, when it commenced, was liberal; it was not meteoric.

That meant that he knew more about meteoric objects than anybody else in the world.

I take it, from what you say, that meteoric diamonds are rare?