Flashing [verb]

Definition of Flashing:

shimmer, flicker

Synonyms of Flashing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Flashing:





Sentence/Example of Flashing:

The harassment was so serious that Ruppert received GIFs with flashing lights, sent specifically to induce a seizure.

The system is expandable, so if the person receiving the gift wants to fully transform their home into a the inside of a gaming PC, they can buy a couple more strips and let the flashing commence.

Their steady-burning lights are being replaced with flashing ones.

Carlino decorated the new casino with flashing lights and named it the Hollywood.

During sunny hours, getting a driver’s attention requires a more powerful light source or flashing pattern.

All night long they expected to hear the roar of the pursuing guns, to find the sabers of the Dragoons flashing over their heads.

The gray eyes, once flashing with the light of kindly humor, now softened with sympathy, now glowed with pity.

The change was visible in his heightened colour, in his flashing eyes, and in his twitching mustachios.

In fine contrast stood the Queen of Asturia, regally beautiful, perfectly dressed and flashing with diamonds.

She was a brunette—great black flashing eyes, full red lips, raven-black hair, skin suffused with the glow of buoyant health.